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Your Mother And I Are Concerned You Haven’t Been Blogging (by Phil Henne).

Son, I’m worried. We both are, your mother and I. Your blogging has suffered these past two months, and we need to know you’re all right.

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7 Simple Steps to Overcoming Stress.

From the grand “What am I doing with my life?” worries to nightly concerns over penis size, stressors require hours, days or months to properly address. And even then, lingering worries can lay dormant — manifesting in the form of a sudden outburst or caffeine pill addiction.

Where does stress come from? How do we regulate bad stress (paranoia, unfounded fears) and take advantage of good stress (new sex stuff)?

The answer lies within.

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How To Produce Jaw-Dropping Work On Less Sleep.

David, how do I meet deadlines today when I was up all night networking with prospective bros? 

Easily: You work through the fatigue. Because working on little-to-no sleep is absolutely essential in today’s economy.

Listen, the 9-to-5 workday is a relic. As are hour-long lunches, smoke breaks, and any other proponent of the milquetoast working class. Good luck finding a job in the global marketplace if you refuse to work nights, weekends, and the high holidays.

Two important truths before we delve into the juicy REM (Really Earth-shattering Motivational) passages of this post:

  1. There’s always a younger, more vibrant version of you who’s willing to work more hours for less pay. There’s also a version with a less intimidating nose.
  2. The requisite eight hours recommended by most “sleep scientists” is a scam. Just another excuse for you to lay complacently in bed and not achieve your full potential.

Where are the most valuable resources housed in the human body? In the nutrient-rich dark circles under the eyes. There’s a reason they’re called “Bags.” Because they are stuffed with potential!

— Benjamin Franklin, renowned sleep expert; ex-president

What if there were a way to achieve more while working on less sleep? And what if this insomnia-paneled doorway led to a better you?

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