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The Ultimate Long Island Experience.

Since this blog’s rise to prominence, I’ve been repeatedly stopped on the street. My hand shaken. My groin cupped, teeth inspected. Told to walk to the end of the block and back to measure the purebred regality of my gait.

And I’ve been questioned. My God, the questions. “David, will you rank the Top 100 Long Island Diners?” “David, it hurts when I blog — what am I doing wrong?” “David, my toddler won’t eat strained beauregards, should I go back to minced carrots?”

But the most frequently asked question I get is this: “David, what is the Ultimate Long Island Experience?”

This is the only one I’m comfortable answering. And here is what I tell those curious minds …

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16 Reactions After Visiting Zombie Laser Tag/Ireland

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally intended as two separate entries. They’ve been combined due to budgetary constraints.

For the first installment of David Reviews, I’m taking an intimate look at NYZ Apocalypse — an immersive zombie laser-tag experience in Deer Park, Long Island — while also examining the country of Ireland — a far away land prominently featured in literature, film, and little else.

Earlier this year I visited both destinations with similar results.

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32 Things You Always Wanted to Know About David Henne but Were Afraid to Ask

By special guest blogger Dan Young.

1)  For three weeks one July, David truly believed he was the Kwisatz Haderach.  It was a frightening and glorious time.

2)  While incredibly fond of his wife Susan, deep down Dave wonders if he would have been happier spending his life with his first real love, Ecto Cooler.

3)  At all times David will insist upon paying with a credit card. He greatly fears change.

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10 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Are From Long Island.

10. Bob Costas

Television’s Bob Costas was raised and educated right here in Commack!

Deceptively elderly despite his years, Bob Costas’ Long Island upbringing is shrouded in mystery.

Legend has it that — after a Suffolk County pixie promised him everlasting life — a teenaged Costas drank from the mythical waters of Lake Ronkonkoma. The enchanted liquid preserved Costas’ youthful visage, and he went on to make millions as a broadcaster/telecommunications marketer.

But the gift of eternal youth came at a steep price.

With every passing year, Lake Ronkonknkoma would seek restitution by stealing a consonant from Bob Costas’ first-born child.

Now, Costas shows his remorse for the pact he made centuries ago in the only way he knows how: By crying tears of blood during each Olympic broadcast.

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