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5 Secrets The NHL Doesn’t Want You To Know.

5. The Players Used to Wear Adorable Sweaters

Before donning oversized mesh jerseys and layers of padding, players from decades past wore sweaters and little else. 

Did you know original jerseys of the National Hockey League were made of high-quality wool? It’s true. Every official NHL sweater was hand-made by a team’s GM (GrandMother), who was in charge of knitting the team’s shirts, socks and jockstraps.

The GM was also responsible for drumming up business — GMs would promote team games during Bridge with their girlfriends, and by cooking plenty of piping hot celery soup for the fans in attendance. To this day, GMs like Rosemarie Leaf and Nancy Yancy (N.Y.) Rangers set the groundwork for future franchise GMs.

The NHL doesn’t want you to know your overpriced jersey pales in comparison to the personalized handmade sweaters of the olden days. But it REALLY doesn’t want you to learn that…

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