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Hot Orgies In Your Area Are Looking For You!

Mostly because our usual +1, Gordon, has fallen out of favor.

Gordon is a classic example of how NOT to behave at an orgy. He’s consistently late, or brings the wrong animal mask.

Gordon’s the type of orgy participant who’ll get caught in traffic, forget his overnight bag of essential orgy items, and think it’s fine to show up halfway through the orgy with a 60-count of Dunkin’ Donut munchkins. Like those donut holes will make up for the neglected human holes.

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Hizdahr Zo Johnson, Cock Merchant To The Stars!

Penises, penises, PENISES! You want penises, we’ve got them here at Crazy Hizdahr’s Discount Cock Emporium. Thick penises, skinny penises, penises that look like regular penises but are actually dwarf penises! At Crazy Hizdahr’s Discount Cock Emporium, the customer is always left satisfied — because penis!

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The Fight Scene From Netflix’s Daredevil Eats Lunch

The scene opens on a bowl of New England clam chowder, steaming enticingly. Suddenly a spoon (a soup spoon) penetrates the surface of the chowder. The hefty spoonful is raised from the bowl up, up, up. We see that this spoon is wielded by a henchman sitting in a seedy rundown apartment.

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Chapter 23: You Only Dine Out Twice

Day was breaking, and Todd Doyle with it.

Todd Doyle limped along a dirt trail, bleeding badly from a knife wound that ran the length of his torso. Light shone through the treetops in needle-thin spears of morning. Todd Doyle squinted, using Mother Gaia’s generous tree trunks to steady himself, and resisting the urge to turn back. No, he was miles beyond that option now.

Upon the hilltop stood Minnewaska State Preserve. An arbiter of faith for a stray soul — offering respite, serenity, and sanity alike.

Buffered before its entrance stood a park ranger’s kiosk. A small shack of forest green and brown. The colors of earth, life, and the camouflage Todd Doyle donned during his three tours of duty.

The colors of his undoing…

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Todd Doyle, Farm-To-Table Man Of Mystery, Needs YOUR Help!

A bit of context: “Todd Doyle, Farm-To-Table Man Of Mystery,” is a novel I’m legitimately writing. It’s inspired by classic tales of international espionage, erotic paperbacks, and my mountain friends Todd Martin and Liam Doyle.

After posting a chapter preview on the blog two weeks ago, I discovered that Todd Doyle had nearly broke the site. According to Google Analytics, the story garnered more than 60 unique page views, in a single day.

Of course, I can’t take the credit. Todd Doyle is a polarizing character. He gets results, and does so in a completely organic, 100% self-sustaining fashion. There’s no carbon footprint to speak of. No preservatives. Just raw, undeniable testosterone — with slightly elevated levels of THC.

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Todd Doyle, Farm-To-Table Man of Mystery

I’d like to shift gears with this latest post from davidhenne.com. I’m halfway through my first novel and want to share a chapter here for some feedback.

The story is called “Todd Doyle, Farm-To-Table Man of Mystery.” It’s about an organic farmer from upstate New York with a dark past. His name? Todd Doyle.

One day, a military general knocks on the door of Todd Doyle’s self-sustainable teepee with an ultimatum: Help bring down the evil druglord Baron Von Glutenstein, or be arrested for indecent exposure. 

This is an excerpt from the fifth chapter, in which our hero Todd Doyle has tracked Von Glutenstein to an exotic casino in the foothills of Lake Champlain.

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