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10 Blizzard Tips To Know Before You Die.

10. Wait before shoveling your driveway.

Resist the urge. Do not shovel your driveway until hours, preferably days after the storm has passed.

No matter how sexy your driveway is looking, all white and fluffy and waiting to be dominated — abstain from shoveling until the patrolling snowplows have finished their routes.

These plows are on our streets to help, but have a tendency to kick 10-foot walls of the white stuff back onto your property, counteracting any early shoveling you may have put in.

Also, there’s always a chance neighborhood children will shovel your driveway in exchange for cash and Turkish Delight.

In conclusion, shoveling early is anti-productive and takes money directly from the pockets of our hardest-working laborers — our children.

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