Father’s Day Gift Suggestions (From My Father)

If you’re like me, Phil Henne, then you already own all the possessions you desire — a 2002 Ford Mustang and six pairs of casual men’s yoga pants.

So what to do when the “Papa, what do you want for Father’s Day?” queries rain down from your children like needy festive raindrops? Simple. You follow these steps:

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3 Ways to Repurpose Your Out-of-Season Candles

Susan likes to keep candles around the apartment. At least five in each room.


Here are all the candles currently residing in our four-room apartment, which I gathered and displayed end-to-end. I took this photo while Susan was napping. She doesn’t like having candles rearranged for selfish reasons.


We own a candle simply named “Autumn” that is displayed prominently by the door. It’s the first thing a guest sees when they visit, in early May. We own a candle called “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.” If there was a Hanukkah-scented candle for sale in lieu of scentless menorahs, we’d have several of those laying around from mitzvahs past.

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