TD: Chapter 1 • Origins and Origies (Part 2)

Part Two

The frigid November air cut through the teepee like a field-issue RaptoRazor.

Beneath its canvas walls, support poles and smokehole, the erected tarpaulin sheltered three sweat-soaked bodies at rest: Two comely Spanish exchange students from the local university, and one hardened student of life—Todd Doyle.

The night was serene, the lovers tender, though sleep did not come easy for Todd Doyle. He tossed and turned atop the sustainable forestry-oriented futon, shooing away pairs of boobies and buttcheeks in favor of a moment’s respite from the waking world.

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Todd Doyle: Farm-To-Table Man of Mystery (Chapter 1 • Origins and Origies)

Part One

Toddsworth Kingsley Doyle was 12, the day his father gave him the talk.

“Toddsworth, my dear boy, I imagine you’ve begun to notice certain curious changes in and about your physique,” Eustace Doyle said, pinching his smoking tobacco as he packed his pipe. “You’re at the glorious age of pubescence, when certain abilities will manifest themselves.”

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Build Your Own Republican Candidate!


  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Asian
  4. Hispanic
  5. Probably not a good idea to venture this far down, have you considered “1”?

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