Counting Down The Top 5 Hotel Pools of Long Island

By Special Guest Poster Todd Martin

If you’re like me (Todd Martin), then you appreciate the distinct beauty of a Long Island hotel pool. Extra chlorination, shallow depths and ne’er a lifeguard on duty. It’s pure swimming as it should be.

Now I’m not from Long Island. I’m from a cozy hamlet in upstate New York called Saratoga. Where 5-star restaurants abound. Racetracks and performance centers dazzle. Famous pubs and picturesque hikes attract tourists from across the country.

However Saratoga suffers from a severe lack of aquatic masterpieces, due to our cramped boutique hotels.

Over the last decade, I’ve frequented Long Island to attend friends’ weddings, as well as wolf expos. When I’m Island-side there’s nothing I look forward to more than discovering the majesties of the hotel pool.

Why? Because no Long Island hotel pool is created equal. Each one has its own nuances, crannies, sweet spots. I’ve grown to immensely enjoy the subtleties of these heavenly bodies of water. So much so that I’ve began reviewing them formally for

Unfortunately, the hotel pool review trade involves a high degree of physical danger. Because one cannot experience the true joy of a Long Island hotel pool until one dives in to said pool, head-first, without first checking the depth.

Such is the risk of being a hotel pool aficionado. Here now are the top five Long Island hotel pools that I’ve concussed myself upon.
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The Hottest Fashion Trends of Cold and Flu Season

The temperature dropped to -6°F this week. On late Tuesday I started to run a small fever, my throat became as narrow as my urethra, and I began to experience unexplainable muscle spasms. Fast-forward to Thursday and I’m freebasing a cocktail of codeine, orange juice, and Fintstones chewables.

Which means this is a perfect opportunity to blog about fashion.

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